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lifestyle section

front page positions within editorial section

Your advert will get better exposure in the lifestyle section as it’s surrounded by editorial and not just adverts. You might even be the only advert on the page. Popular with retailers, salons, events, restaurants; or any business which doesn’t “fit” with the directory. position. Prices + vat.  Monthly payment on the series rate by direct debit. 

Ad Size Choice 6,000 copies 
(6 per year)
Book x 6
(save 15%)
B5 Page £234 £198
2/3 page £195 £157
1/2 page £126 £107
1/3 page £92 £78
1/4 page £69 £58



directory section

back section without editorial = lower cost

Ideal for a range of small to medium sized businesses; from plumber to petsitting, accountant to computer repair. Advertise in 6,000 copies from only £17 a month. Prices + vat. Monthly payment on the series rate by direct debit. Large adverts in Lifestyle section only

Ad Size Choice

Series x 6 Ongoing
(6 in 1 year)

Monthly Payment x 12
1/2 page £107 £54
1/3 page £78 £39
1/4 page £49 £29
1/6 page £42 £21
1/8 page £33 £17

premium pages

stand out from the crowd

Inside front and back covers, page 3,  page 5 and back cover itself are all premium pages.  A bit more outlay, yes, but worth it if being seen is your priority.

Page Position 6,000 copies
(6 per year)
Book x 6
(save 20%)
p2 £295 £275
p3 £325 £295
p5 £295 £275
inside back cover £275 £250
back cover £550 £450

2019 / 2020 Schedule


Title Issue # Content relevant to months Deadline for ads/editorial On the streets from
Solent Life October #20 Oct-Nov 27 September 1st week October
Portsmouth Life Nov #21 Nov-Dec 25 October 1st week of November
Solent Life December #22 Dec-Jan 24 November 1st week of December
Portsmouth Life January #23 Jan-Feb 15 December 1st week January
Solent Life February #24 Feb-Mar 26 January 1st week February
Portsmouth Life March #25 Mar-Apr 26 February 1st week March


Ad size dimensions (w x h) file types Requirements
Full page B5 168mm x 240mm + 3mm bleed jpg high resolution
2/3 page 148mm x 148.5mm eps images 300dpi minimum
half page landscape 148mm x 108.5mm pdf editorial submissions 300-500 words
half page portrait 72.5mm x 220mm tiff images CMYK not RBG please
1/3 page landscape only 148mm x 71.3mm
1/4 page portrait only 72.5mm x 108.5mm
1/6 page 72.5mm x 71.3mm
1/8 page 72.5mm x 52.7mm

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