Solent Life has “history”

Something old, something borrowed …

… and something blue

Solent Life has “history”. Here’s the story in a nutshell.

For nearly four years, Dan published a lovely magazine called Town & City. However, Dan wanted to focus on his photography, art and graphic design so approached Melanie who publishes Discover Magazine for South Hampshire. A partnership of minds resulted in a new title Solent Life

However, you might recognise the name Solent Life and you’d be right.  Solent Life was a successful lifestyle magazine until 2015 when it was tragically sabotaged by a new rogue owner and subsequently closed within a matter of months.  It was sadly missed by loyal advertisers and nothing has replaced it – until now. So, Town & City is Solent Life rebranded and Melanie’s aim is to revive and restore Solent Life back to its much admired former glory!

Behind the Scenes

Melanie Tinson, md, publisher & advertising
Dan Tidbury, editorial & design

Melanie Tinson An experienced marcom head bursting with ideas and creative solutions but sadly no design skills to execute them herself.  Thus the perfect match with Dan Tidbury who is very talented and keen for his “baby” Town & City to continue albeit under a new name. Melanie is director of Langdon Scott Ltd involved in publishing (Discover Magazines), advertising, marketing services and design.

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